Estimated Buyer's Cost Worksheet:
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Sale Price ($)  
Down Payment  
CHMC High Ratio Insurance  
Taxes on CMHC Fees  

Amount Financed
Mortgage Fees    
Administration Fees ($) ($)  
Interim Financing Fees  
Prepaid Items    
Fire Insurance  
Other Fees  
Title and Closing Charges    
Land Transfer Tax  
Legal Fees (Lawyer/Notary)  
Tax Adjustment  
Miscellaneous Closing Adjustments  
Title Insurance  
Additional Settlement Charges    
Pest Inspection  
Home Warranty  
Home Inspection Fee  
Moving Expenses  
Appliances F/S/W/D/Dish  
Other Fess  

Total Settlement Charges ($)
(not including CHMC charges)    

Total Estimate of Buyer's Costs  
Estimated Monthly Payment    
Mortgage Term (Yrs)  
Amount Financed ($) ($)  
Interest Rate (%) (%)*
Amortization (Yrs) (Yrs)  

Principle & Interest (per month) ($)  
Property Taxes  
Heating & Hydro  
Mortgage Life Insurance Premium  
Condominium Fee (if any)  

Total Monthly Payment $ ($)  
Estimated Income Required ($)
Based on P.I.T.