As a potential buyer approaches your house their first impression will start at the curb. Everything they see will encourage or discourage their desire to buy your home.

Lawn and Garden
• Grass is green, mowed and trimmed
• Trees and shrubs are trimmed
• Garden beds are weed free and freshly mulched

House Entrance
• Front of the house appears newly painted
• House numbers are clearly visible and polished or painted
• Mail box appears freshly painted
• Front door is painted and all hardware polished
• Door bell is working
• All exterior lights are working
• All windows and screens are clean
• Gutters are clean

Entrance Hall
• Free of clutter
• Furniture that restricts entrance or exit is removed
• Front closets are clean
• Umbrellas, coats and shoes should be kept to a minimum (store the rest)
• Curtains and/or blinds are clean

• Flooring should be in good shape
• Paint is a light neutral color
• Counter top clutter should be kept to a minimum
• Sinks should be free of stains without leaking faucets
• Cabinets are clean and all latches are working
• Appliances are working and clean
• Cupboards are clean and neatly organized
• Refrigerator is defrosted

Living Room/Family Room
• Free of clutter
• Has natural light by making sure all curtains and/or blinds are open
• Light fixtures are clean and working
• Floors are polished and/or carpets washed.
• Walls are painted

• Clean carpets and ceilings
• Walls and closets have been recently painted
• Closets are clean, appearing organized and spacious
• Lighting fixtures are clean and working
• Floor is free of clutter
• Closet doors close properly

• Flooring is replaced if needed
• Floors and ceilings appear clean
• Faucets are polished and not leaking
• Sinks, toilets and baths are clean and stain free
• Caulking has deteriorated
• Air freshener
• Towels are fresh and clean.

• Clean
• Throw away anything you will not be taking to your new residence
• Floors are swept and vacuumed
• Storage is neatly stacked on shelves or against walls
• Lighting is ample
• Cracks are filled and repaired
• Dampness removed with a dehumidifier
• Furnace filters replaced
• Windows are open and cleaned for natural light

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