While you are preparing to sell your home and relocate, review the following checklist to ensure there was nothing you may have overlooked.

Six weeks before the move:
• Begin packing.
• Look into getting moving insurance to protect your valuables during the move.
• Shop around for quotes if you are going to use a mover.
• If moving yourself, book a rental truck to use.
• Begin to donate or sell all unwanted items.
• Consider change of address notifications. Make a list and send them soon.
• Get the post office to forward your mail.
• Arrange for the transfer of your phone, cable, electricity, gas and water.
• Make sure to return any borrowed items such as videos and library books.
• Collect and store all important documents in a fire proof strong box.
• Arrange for the transfer of all medical, dental, insurance and school records.

Four weeks before the move:
• Arrange for your pets and plants to be moved.
• Update drivers’ licenses and car registration. Contact insurance.
• Move your fire proof strong box to prevent misplacement during move.
• Purchase all packing materials needed such as boxes and tape.
• Book a hotel and travel arrangements for the day of the move.
• Start packing rooms that are not in everyday use.

One to Two weeks before the move:
• Give away remainder of items you will not be using.
• Make a careful inventory of expensive items. Take pictures of them.
• Confirm moving date with moving company.
• Arrange the use of the service elevator on the move day (if required).
• Back up all computer items before packing.
• Arrange child care for moving day if needed.

The moving day:
• Make sure pets are secure.
• Spend all day at the house with the movers.
• Clean the entire house.
• Record all utility readings.
• Ensure that everything that needed to be packed is and all garbage is disposed.
• Lock up house and hand over the keys.

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