If selling a home seems a little overwhelming having the right realtor will make every step a lot easier.

Using a Realtor
The main advantage of using an agent is to save you time and money. A knowledgeable sales agent will have current information on the local real-estate market, have experience in negotiating, be capable of developing a marketing plan, deliver maximum home exposure, and offer invaluable customer service.

Making Contact
I welcome you to contact me by telephone at (613) 724-8110 or email at guy@guywalker.ca for inquiries about selling your home in the Ottawa area. For a complete list of contact information, visit the contact page.

The Next Step
The next step will be to sit down together and review the details of the home selling process. The first meeting is a free consultation with no commitment required. The client can expect a modest discussion about the following items: pricing, showabiility, advertising, target market, exposure, and negotiating.

More Reading
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