During the period of time you have your home for sale you will eventually receive an offer to purchase your home. At this time you have the opportunity to reject the offer, accept the offer, or make a counter offer. For more detailed information on the buying process or for any specific questions please feel free to contact Guy Walker at guy@guywalker.ca or by telephone at (613) 724-8110.

Some common conditions within an offer are:
• Price terms
• Move-in dates
• Contingencies
• Deposits

Some common contingencies are:
• Buyer’s financial qualifications
• Property appraisal
• Required repairs
• Home inspections
• Sale of another property
• First Refusal

Once the offer is accepted there a few details that may need to be completed. The prospective buyer’s mortgage company may require a home inspection and appraisal before financing the buyer. The title company will also verify that there are no liens or other encumbrances against the property.

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